Conseg Seguridad Privada




To perform this evaluation, ABC mnemonics are used

A: “Airway” open airway and cervical control.
B: “Breath” ventilation.
C: “Circulation” circulation and hemorrhage control.

A: Open airways and check obstruction risks. so that the air reaches the lungs, observing, therefore, the level of CONSCIENCE.
The mouth opens in search of something that can obstruct the airway, in case there is something within our reach we remove it by sweeping the hook with the index finger.
If there is nothing we will do the head tilt technique for better aeration.


B: Seek breathing (see, hear and feel). Nemotechnics is used; See: the patient’s chest (if it goes up and down). Listen: breath and Feel: the air that comes out of the mouth or nose. You have to determine if you breathe on your own, how often and how deep the breaths are.
√ If there is no breathing, it should be restored immediately.


C: Control circulation: It determines the presence of signs of circulation, such as pulse or skin color, if it is pale, bluish; body temperature And check if you have any obvious bleeding.
√ If the carotid pulse is missing, CPR maneuvers should be initiated